Blogging and how times have changed

This time 7 years ago I made the decision to keep a pregnancy diary for my youngest Daughter, little did I know that it would grow into a job that I loved, something that whilst being a Mother to my eldest kept me sane and still in touch with the real world.  Stuck in a very unhappy relationship that I was desperate to get out of even whilst pregnant, blogging saved me from spiralling into a hole of unhappiness that I was already in.  My blog back then, London Mummy of Two was amazing, I got to work with amazing brands, had a brand ambassador deal with a major baby brand, attended amazing events, and best of all met some amazing people whom I now call my friends.  Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I had to close down my blog, after 4 years of hard work I let one person ruin it all for me something I massively regret but at the same time I'm not the same person as I was back then, my life has changed for the better and I'm in a much better place in my life and so are my children.  I began to miss writing, I missed the whole social aspect that comes with blogging, attending great events, networking with other women who shared the same passion as me so I decided to set up The London Lifestyle Blogger, this isn't just about parenting but also more about me, the interests I have, I can still dish out some parenting advice and post about the girls and the things we love but I wanted this also as a space for me not just being Mum!

Sadly (my thoughts anyway) times have changed within the blogging world, people have become hooked on Instagram and its now one of the main platforms from which 'influencers' work from, now when I was blogging all those years ago Instagram wasn't really a 'thing' -  we used Facebook, Twitter, and people used to search on google for blogs to read.  I'm not saying I dislike Instagram but I have a love hate relationship with it, don't get me wrong there are some amazing people on there and bloggers but then there is a whole load of fakeness on there which is even worse,  these 'influencers' are buying followers, they are buying likes and getting deals with brands and paid work for building up fake accounts, surely with organic growth you will get more out of working with a blogger who actually engages with its audience, PR's (I hope you're reading) sadly fall for this and other people who are working massively hard behind the scenes to build up their own little brand are being turned down because they don't have 10,000 followers or 1,000 likes on their photos.  It makes me sad as I said when I was blogging people actually used to communicate properly, the hard work that went into my last blog I want to give more of now to this one, to build my brand.  People think its easy we write a post, press publish and that's it, but its not that easy there is hours of work going on behind the scenes taking photos, editing, writing posts which believe it or not takes hours sometimes, staying up until early hours of the morning writing, there's the emailing back and forwards with the PR's making sure everyone is happy both sides with the work that's put it with it all.  My whole point is if apps like Instagram went down then people would have to revert back to the old way of blogging, the way I like where photos are natural and not staged, where you wouldn't be turned down for work because you didn't have thousands of followers, brands would work with you because they liked your style of writing and the way you relate to your readers and the real world, not because your staged photo looks good on Instagram!
I know so many of my blogging friends who work their arses off and are being turned down work because they are not as popular as these other influencers, they don't have the right look there is so much fakeness out there I find it frustrating that PR's don't see this.

Anyway I'm happy with my little online space and I'm excited to build my own brand back up, I'm happy to have the same blogging friends I had 7 years ago because to me they are the originals I would much rather read advice on a blog that going onto Instagram and reading a post that's full of fake likes and comments.  What happened to the days when people used Twitter, I think that's a great platform to engage.

Writing a blog comes from the heart, and I always believe that one day apps like Instagram won't always be around so for now I'll keep it original and if I don't build up to have thousands of followers it doesn't mean I haven't succeeded.

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