Fitness - Lifestyle

Well its been a while! I've been away working on new content to put up so firstly I wanted to talk about something that has massively helped me and I couldn't imagine not having this routine in my life - Exercise.

Exercise has had a massive impact in my life not only for the physical changes I have seen in my body but mentally too, and when I hear people ask what's good for anxiety/depression and to clear the mind, the first thing I will tell them is exercise! You don't have to be a member of the gym exercise is free and can be from going for a long walk (even in the rain!!) to doing a workout at home.  YouTube has loads of great videos you can get ideas from.  As well as exercise there's also eating well too, don't get me wrong my diet isn't perfect but I do cook from scratch most days, especially as the kids love helping too.  Cutting out processed foods is a big start, you can easily cook fresh meals on a budget especially if you have children.  I sometimes make meals that I can freeze or something we can have the next day. I will however do a separate post on meal ideas.

The past 12 months I've really got into a good routine with the gym, I've also joined an outdoor group which has been amazing too, lots to strength and cardio workouts which is amazing for anyone who prefers working out outside.  For me they both work well, when I feel like I want fresh air I can go there, other days when I have particular areas of my body I want to work on or things I want to clean up on then the gym is amazing.  I tend to gym more than I do working out outside.  I will start posting my workouts to hopefully inspire someone.  I've set myself a goal on what I want to achieve from my training now so I'm going to give myself three months to see if I can reach that goal.  But, I will be doing regular weekly blog updates as well as over on my Instagram page too.

I'm by no means a fitness expert so any content I put up will be purely from my own personal experiences.