Keeping Organised As A Family

One thing I'm not very good at in life is being organised.  Now, with having two children this doesn't go down to well as organisation and routine are two key things you need in life especially when being a parent.  This is something I am working on, and something that is massively important as when there is no routine for example at bedtime, if your letting your children go to bed whenever they want, not having a set bath, story and bedtime then, you are going to end up with a very grumpy and tired child.  But when they have a set routine and you are organised in life they will be happier and life will be less challenging when it comes to bedtime (I will be talking more about bedtime routine below).  These are just one of the things I'm using as an example for, I could probably do with about 10 different wall planners and to do lists when it comes to organising my life.

Here are a few ways I'm going to keep organised in life from now on!

Children's Bedtime:
This is something that I have really shot myself in the foot for, one thing I would like to introduce for them both are bedtime reward charts, I used these with Abigail before Sophia was born and they always worked a treat, at the end of the week if she filled her chart then she would be rewarded with something small like a pack of stickers, or a colouring book (thank goodness for the 99p store!) 

Meal Planning 
I've never really written out a meal plan for the week before but I know that we would benefit from this, I find myself wasting a lot of food each week and for me I could probably keep my weekly cost of food shopping down by having a planner.  Knowing what we are all having each day for the week would be great, and having a weekly planner chart up in the kitchen would help me keep on top of this.  On top of meal planning also write out a shopping list I am forever going into the supermarket without writing a list knowing that I'm going in for a few particular things and not coming out with one thing that I had on the list that I'd made up in my head!

Chore Board
Now Abi's 10 she's at an age where she can help out around the house (don't worry she's not treated like Cinders!!) but she's more than capable of helping polish, clean her room and do the basics like making her bed every morning.  Does she do any of these things, very rarely so I'm really considering getting a chore board to write out simply every day things for her and Sophia to do like make their beds, clear away their toys after playing.  I also think this is massively important to encourage them to become responsible and to start earning pocket money.  Even for myself on the days I have work I feel like I'm missing out on doing so much, one or two days of not tidying up properly can make a massive difference.

What are your key tips to keeping organised?

Travel - Weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been at the top of my travel list for a while now, I'm so glad I got to visit such a beauty City.

We'd booked our flights on Sky Scanner, if you haven't used the site before its worth taking a look our return flights including parking for the weekend at the airport totalled to £75 each which I thought was a great price.  We flew from Gatwick with an early afternoon flight and early morning return on the Sunday.  Accommodation we booked through which again we found a great deal on a 2 night stay at the Westcord Art Hotel prices worked out at £119 per person excluding food and drinks. 
Getting to Amsterdam City Centre was pretty straight forward from the airport there's a direct train straight to the centre, one thing I have to say is how clean and comfy the trains are out there! Our hotel was located about 20 minute bus ride outside the centre.  We were pretty tired from the journey when we arrived so decided to check in, eat and then head out to explore the night life in the City.  The bus stop was located about 10 minute walk from the hotel and by the time we had headed out it was going on for about 10pm.  Unfortunately for us, we were followed to the bus stop by two men so we decided it wasn't safe enough to be out at that time so headed back to the hotel, they also tried to follow us back which was pretty scary, it was quite industrial around where our hotel was so I'd defo recommended if you are heading out in the evening then to order a cab to be on the safe side especially if there are only a few of you.
We wanted to spend the Saturday exploring so hired bikes which worked out at 12 euros each for the whole day.  We headed out before breakfast, I was pretty nervous cycling, I can't remember the last time I rode a bike! And the roads are so busy (& fast!) but the bike lanes are very safe, we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather for the weekend so it felt great cycling in the sunshine and the route was a straight run to the backstreets of the city centre.
We locked our bikes up by the canals and headed for breakfast, we found a gorgeous little cafĂ© down the back streets, I loved the morning vibe there the canals looked so pretty, the locals we so friendly.  We spent until lunchtime exploring the backstreets which were full of pretty cafes, boutiques and delicious bakeries.  The canals are so beautiful there you could walk around all day exploring.  If your a smoker then of course there are the cafes to go to, to get high! That's not really my style but one place we were intrigued to visit was the Red Light District, to be honest I have only every heard how seedy it is there so was curious to experience it myself, how can you go to Amsterdam and not take a trip there!  Again the streets are beautiful, and the vibe was great.  Night time you'll find lots of groups of hen parties, stag do's,  Everyone was pretty friendly and we had a great last evening in the Red Light District.

If your heading to Amsterdam then I would recommend hiring bikes to get around the city & book cabs for the evening time.  There are so many lovely places to eat and sights to see.  Its well worth planning an itinerary if your going for a few days, there is so much to see and do.

Or, if you are a smoker like 60% of the tourists there then there are plenty of places to go to chill out and enjoy the Amsterdam vibe!