Carbon Theory Skin Care

If you have read my previous post about skin care then you will already know the problems I have had growing up and even now in my 30's with breakouts especially when its that time of the month my skin seems to flare up in full force.  Previously I changed my diet which did help massively and I also changed products and stuck to using just coconut oil on my skin as that was literally the only product that didn't make my skin flare up and create more breakouts or reactions.  In the past I have spent an absolute fortune on skincare, I've worked for luxury makeup and skincare brands in high end department stores and despite the very expensive price tag on the products again nothing has really agreed with me.  

I was recently (about a month ago) gifted two products from the brand Carbon Theory they kindly sent me their Charcoal & Tea Tree Cleansing Bar & Breakout Exfoliating Scrub.  Of course in my head I honestly thought it would be another product that would flare up my skin but I couldn't be far from wrong, I wanted to use the products for a few weeks so I could give you a full honest opinion on them both and I can honestly say that they are a brand I will be sticking with and will be the main products to my skincare routine now and in the future.  I always imagined a cleansing soap to make your face feel tight and dry, but the cleansing bar is absolutely amazing, my skin every time feels fresh & clear I use the bar morning and night, I don't use it to remove my eye make up as the tea tree would burn the eyes! So I use my coconut oil to remove mascara and eye shadow and the soap to cleanse my face and neck.  I have to say the appearance of my skin has changed, it looks and feels smoother, clearer & the breakouts have started to clear up.  The Exfoliating Scrub is also amazing, this I use three times a week, you only need a small amount and from someone who suffers also from sensitive skin its been like a dream to use the texture isn't harsh with its natural pumicite particles and again my skin feels and looks so much clearer and smoother, I use the scrub firstly on my neck working in small circular movements up my face especially concentrating around my nose area, my skin would usually react and come up bright red with scrubs.  The Activated Charcoal in both products is great for drawing out dirt and unblocking any pores, remember never to squeeze your spots no matter how tempted you are from experience they do leave scars.  I love Tea Tree this is a great antiseptic so amazing for killing the bacteria especially in those nasty pores, it also reduces inflammation and can help reduce pores. 

As you can see photos were taken in different natural light but you can see how much the products have helped my skin especially with breakouts.
You can see from my photos (first photo was the first time using the soap & scrub) after two weeks of using the bar and scrub how much my skin has cleared up.  I have had compliments on how fresh my skin looks something I've never really had before.

Carbon Theory are an amazing vegan and cruelty free brand which I would highly recommend to everyone they have a wide range of products you can purchase online and the prices are amazing too, I'm so pleased that I have finally found a brand after all these years that can fit into my everyday regime.

I would only recommend brands and products that I feel are genuinely worth sharing and for me Carbon Theory are a top brand.

*Gifted products.

Why Parents Need A Hobby To Keep Their Mental Health Strong

It’s long been said that being a parent is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, and you won’t find many mothers and fathers who disagree. But being a good parent isn’t only about looking after your child(ren), it’s also about looking after yourself. In this article, I explain why parents need a hobby to keep their mental health strong in order to provide the best care for their kid(s). 

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Looking after your mental health makes you a better parent 
Whether you believe in nurture, nature, or a combination of both, the way children are brought up by their parents does have an impact on the rest of their lives – even the most naturally gifted child can be helped by having supportive parents.

In order to give their children the best possible support, parents need to look after themselves, and that includes their mental health. 

Mental health isn’t a tap you get to turn on and off – just like your physical health, it can change due to factors that you have no control over. 

But, like your physical health, working on your mental health does help to improve it. Hobbies are a way of keeping your mental health strong, by giving you focus, creative outlets, breathing space, and a chance to have more control over your time – all of which helps to make you a better parent. 

What are the direct benefits of hobbies on mental health? 

Hobbies have a direct impact on your mental health, with many benefits coming from the actual hobby itself, as well as the process of ‘switching off’. Some of the key direct mental health benefits parents get from hobbies include: 

Doing or creating something tangible 

Whether it’s painting a picture, performing in a play, or something as simple as winning a few games at 32Red Casino, hobbies giving you a tangible sense of achievement. This can give you both immediate and long term mental health benefits – for example, if you paint a picture you can feel pleased with your work right away, then hang it on your wall and reap the benefits forever! 

Improvements to your physical health 

You don’t have to take a trip to the gym to have a physical hobby, you could go for a run around the park, shoot hoops in your garden, or do a few sit ups in your bedroom. 

The point is not what you do it’s what it does for you – exercise releases endorphins that help to make you more focused and happier, all the while improving your physical health as well as your mental health. 

What are the indirect benefits of hobbies on mental health? 

Though there are many benefits you get immediately from your hobbies, some of them begin before you start them and carry on after you’ve finished them. These indirect benefits can be overlooked, but they’re just as important as the direct ones and they include: 

Community participation & support 

While hobbies for parents are about giving mums and dads something to do for themselves, by getting out of your home you can come into contact with people who aren’t from your family. This gives parents a new community to participate in, providing both new friends and a support network to turn to if they have mental health concerns that involve their family. 

Gives you a sense of purpose 

I opened this article by saying that being a parent is the most important thing you’ll do, but it’s not the only thing you’ll do – getting a sense of purpose from your children alone is neither healthy nor sustainable, as they have their own lives to lead. Taking up a hobby gives you another channel to get a sense of purpose form – even something as banal and simple as being the treasurer for a sports team means that there are people that rely on you, along with individuals you have a responsibility to. 

Being a parent means the world to mums and dads, but it’s just not healthy for your children to be the only thing in your world. To give your children the best support, care, and opportunities in life you need to look after your mental health too and having a hobby is the perfect way to do this. So join a sports club, go for a run, play an online game, or do something else – just make sure you do something outside of your kids!