Nordic Botanics CBD Oil & Mental Health

*This is a non sponsored/gifted post review

For a long time now I have been suffering from anxiety, to the point where I rarely spoke about it & just tried to get on with life but it became that bad that I felt like I was having an actual breakdown! Not what you want going on in life when you're a single Mum with two young children to look after, I've always 'held my shit together' but up until about a month ago I could no longer do this and completely broke down.  I shall be writing up regular posts now about mental health as I've learnt that there's absolutely nothing wrong in admitting that you're struggling in life in fact that's the first step to dealing with it.  After recognising my issues I sought help and am awaiting two types to therapy, one to help me deal with personal things I've been through in life and have never addressed & the other CBT Therapy which I am working on at the moment to deal with anxiety, help me manage it & hopefully one day over come it (that's my aim) I've also started working on well being techniques, daily meditation, taking time out in the evenings to relax before bed, having a good clear out in terms of negative people in my life distancing myself from them, exercising at least 4 times a week if not more as and when I can I've been doing this for a long time anyway for me its amazing for the mind.  Then I was introduced to the CDB oil by my Brother who uses it daily and swears by it, it has lots of great benefits especially for those suffering with anxiety/depression.  He kindly gave me a bottle of the Nordic Botanics CBD Oil 10ml (click on the link to see) and after doing lots of research on it I thought I may as well give it a try!  I suffer from a medical condition anyway and am on medication for the rest of my life so researched to see as to whether it would interact with that (it doesn't) but my medical condition is actually proven to help people who suffer from my condition (I will speak about that in a separate blog post)

I was actually a bit nervous about trying the oil, I know it sounds silly but I didn't know what to expect.  If you haven't heard of CBD Oil then you should have a read up on the benefits, people always associate it with getting high! But the oil is made from organic hemp plants containing low/zero THC (the active high) so will give you the complete opposite effect.

I've been using the oil for just over a week now and I have to admit its been amazing, obviously CBD is not going to take away anxiety those are thoughts that you have to deal with mentally and work on but it does relax you and make you feel less anxious and this is coming from me someone who has been suffering from severe anxiety.  I have been sleeping better, the first night taking the oil (I use 3 sprays at night and 1 in the morning) I fell asleep almost straight away and had the best nights sleep and everyday from then it has been the same, I take it about half an hour before bedtime.  Before I would lie there overthinking, worrying about stuff and it would take me hours to get to sleep but since taking the oil it has literally been a complete life saver, I feel relaxed and it makes those racing thoughts somehow disappear, its also been amazing from PMT for me I've for years suffered from hot flushes just before my period, those this month have been reduced greatly I haven't felt as irritable as I usually would do.  I also found that my anxiety would get worse before my period but probably a combination of the CBD oil and working on the CBT therapy has helped greatly so far & its also not interfered with my medication which has been amazing.

This is in no way a gifted review I just wanted to tell you all how amazing the Nordic oil is and how much I highly recommend it.  I will be covering more posts around mental health weekly on my blog now and will continue to use the oil, if you're unsure and want to use it please do your research first on the product or I'm happy to answer any questions and help as much as I can.

Thanks for reading!