Flower Be, Mothers Day Review

This Mothers Day the girls were sent this lovely Get Creative Box from Flower Be People.  The box involves Dads and Children getting involved and creating a lovely gift for Mum this Mothers Day.  

Being a single Mum my girls had lots of fun creating this by themselves, Abi is 10 so old enough to help talk Sophia through what needs to be done.  Its definitely a lovely idea and should be aimed also at siblings to create together especially if families don't have their Father living with them.

The box includes some lovely fresh Spring flowers and other crafty bits & luxury craft paper to wrap the flowers with.  The girls had so much fun decorating the craft paper and arranging the flowers together.

Flower Be offer a lovely hand picked scented subscription.  I was so happy with my beautiful bouquet thoughtfully decorated by the girls and they had a great time decorating it for me, it definitely made them both bond doing this together which was lovely to see.  The craft paper can be kept as a lovely memory and some of the flowers I have pressed. 

*This post contains a gifted product.

What Does Your Eye Colour Say About You?

Well it’s often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They are the first thing we notice in another person and there’s much more to eye color than simple genetic pigmentation. They can reveal a lot about your personality and your health. Most shocking however, is that eye color can also determine who you’re most attracted to!

It may be no surprise to you that many romantic couples share a few physical traits, but attractiveness to a certain eye color could come from a surprising source. According to a paper published by Lisa DeBruine and her colleagues at the University of Glasgow, people tend to prefer romantic partners whose eye color matches that of their parents. To demonstrate how eye color affects one’s attraction to another, the research team recruited 300 heterosexual and homeosexual men and women and made records of their eye color, as well as their parents’ and lovers’ eye color. The eye colors were then categorized into light (covering blue, green, blue-green, grey and hazel) and dark (covering light brown, dark brown and black).

The researchers found that overall, heterosexual women and homosexual men were twice as likely to have a lover with similar eye color to their father’s, while homosexual women and heterosexual men were more likely to have a lover matching their mother’s eye color.  

In general, the eyes are what many people describe to be the most important facial feature in a potential partner, according to another study by FastLife.com. The survey stated that the majority of male and female participants found blue to be the most attractive eye color. Other than blue, they found men preferred women with green eyes over brown, whereas women were more attracted to brown eyes over green in men.

While it’s true that there can be many reasons behind why you may be attracted to a certain physical quality, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so what people find attractive is totally subjective. Nonetheless, if you’ve always wondered how you might look with a different eye color, colored contact lenses are a popular bet. However, finding good quality, affordable and comfortable choices can be tough! TheFreshlook One Day pack is one of the most popular colored contact lenses out there. They’re very comfortable and come in a variety of realistic color options that are easy on the wallet. Find more at smartbuyglasses.com.

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How I Cleared my Acne

From my teenage years I have never had great skin, and remember using alot of make up to cover it up (I was make up obsessed anyway!) as the years went on it still wasn't getting any better, I'd break out before my period every month, if I was suffering from any kind of stress my skin would get ten times worse and just in general it has never been great.

Below is a photo exactly one month apart, no make up, no filters and as you can see on the left my skin looks sore and irritated and then a month later after cutting out dairy and meat and changing a few other things in my life, my skin is drastically clearer and my spots have cut down by I'd say 90%.

I've spent an absolute fortune over the years on products thinking that they will do the trick and clear my skin.  You see lots of adverts on skincare claiming to clear up acne, none of which have worked for me.  The only thing that will majorly affect your skin is your diet and over the past few months I have learn't this myself.  I have been speaking to a few friends who have switched to being Vegan, and had told me a number of ways it has helped them so I thought I'd try it for myself and to be honest it was a last resort before going to the doctors to be ask to be referred to a Dermatologist.  Its been getting me down for years now and finally I have found my own way of dealing with it so below are my list of things that have helped me.

-  Cut out all dairy products
-  Cut out meat
-  Switched to Soya products
-  Switched to a plant based lifestyle 
-  Getting 8 hours or more sleep per night (early nights work wonders!)
-  Using more Vegan beauty products
-  More self care - Face mask three times a week, relaxing bath, meditation
-  Increasing my water intake each day
-  Trying to cut out any negativity in my life, and yes this does include people, reducing stress is actually an amazing feeling.

These are things that have worked for me personally, so after all these years of spending an absolute fortune on products it all mainly came down to my diet.  I think dairy was a big part of this, and I feel so much better now I've cut it out.  

My skincare routine is very basic and works for me.  I only now use Coconut Oil on my face morning and night as a moisturiser it is absolutely amazing, causes no irritation and makes my skin lovely and smooth and I have seen a massive difference with small bits of scarring I've had on my skin from having acne.

At last I have found something that naturally works for me!