Drinks By The Dram - Advent Calendar

Last year I remember putting up a Facebook post saying how I'd love one day to have a Gin Advent calendar and this year that post came true!

Drinks By The Dram is the ultimate dream calendar for any Gin lover.  And, its not just gin they have there's whisky, rum and tequila.  What a way to see in the festive season.  I've had a sneak peak at more than a few days worth of advent windows and I can tell you now that there is a great selection of gins, infact I didn't realise how many different gins there actually are and to have 24 bottles of them from across the world I'm totally spoilt for choice.  24 handmade 30ml wax sealed drams that will keep me going over the festive period.

The calendars I think would also make an amazing Christmas gift imagine giving someone 24 bottles of their favourite spirit, its a great present to have.

I will be sharing some of my favourites throughout the month of December from my calendar so keep an eye out on my Instagram page to see what is behind the windows.

The Gin Advent Calendar is £124.95 and can be found over on their website.

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