Body Positivity

Let's talk body positivity - Now this is a subject that I have seen a lot of over social media and also in the press.  We all have our own body insecurities and hang ups but its how you deal with them that matters.  I'd say this year has been the first time in a long time (years in fact) and I have come to accept myself and my body for who I am.  Up until last year I was obsessing over my weight, I was seeing photos of what I thought at the time were perfectly shaped bodies online, women who had just had babies and were springing straight back into shape.  In a way seeing that kind of thing when your battling your own demons about yourself is not healthy for the mind at all.  What we have to remember these days a lot of 'influencers' and fitness experts won't show you their bloated tummies or their roll of fat they have when they sit down, they pose the perfect angle to make themselves at times look leaner than they actually are and do I find this inspiring anymore? no I don't.  Don't get me wrong I'm not slating these people we all work in our own way but seeing real life and imperfections is what I really do find inspiring.  I will actually link into my instagram post a few accounts that I have found online that I like to follow who show the real life bodies not just the photoshopped ones or ones to try to inspire how we 'should' look.

The press don't help these days, I have seen newspaper articles and magazine features fat shaming women and also doing the same for women who are underweight which is awful as today we live in a society where a lot of young girls are sold into this nonsense, you need diet pills, or a shake to lose weight and have the perfect body, or you are not accepted to society if you are overweight or don't look like the perfected version of someone in the press or on social media, its wrong I've seen it for myself and will be teaching my Daughters to grow up to love themselves no matter what shape or size they are & to lift each other up instead of bringing themselves and others down.

I do tell myself now that there is no 'perfect' body and we should accept ourselves for what we are.  I'm more body confident now than I have ever been, at times I used to wish certain parts of my body were different, but I've learned to love who I am, so that is the message for you ladies and guys out there who are feeling shit LOVE YOURSELVES..... Stop reading shit press articles and unfollow people on social media who don't make you feel good.  Lets stop shaming and start supporting eachother. Remember no one is perfect. Get that bikini out you've been worrying about wearing, or go rock those tight jeans you were worried about being judged in! I hate the fact that friends of mine online have been trolled for being different and have had horrible messages written about them it makes me sick, these uneducated people hiding behind computer screens trying to make others feel shit, they must be deeply unhappy in themselves.  ITS NOT OKAY TO BODY SHAME PEOPLE!

And guys if you are feeling depressed or something is really making you feel anxious then do speak to someone about it, don't be shy to speak out about how you feel to a family member, friend or even your GP there is always help out there, never feel like you're alone. (Or even drop me an email I'm always here for anyone who needs a bit of support.

Let's be kind to ourselves and others and support each other.

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  1. It's so good to see you back, Em. And love your first post. I rarely post any actual pictures of myself because I hate the way I look. I'm the perfect weight for my height etc. but I just look massive (maybe it's because I'm short lol). I'd love to feel more confident to post actual pics of myself, so if you have any tips for doing that then let me know.

    Sending big hugs.

    Lou xxx